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Emaleth_of_Donnelaith's Stats

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This page will describe some of the skills that I use for my RPG character in the Land of Etheria..with the Companions of Illusion...


She is 5'9" 137lbs. Auburn Hair with Green eyes..that turn Black when she is using her skills...she carries a bag that holds her supplies, chemicals and salts...

Emaleth is a Benign Necromancer & Psionicist

Her skills are as follows:

Spirit Lore; which enables her to contact spirits, other planes, speak with the dead (Dead Speak she calls it) and summon spirits.

Pyromancy; Divination by candles, Tarot Cards

Empathic Wound Transfer; for now, only with Knighthawk_K'sheyna, who is like a sister to her...she will learn more about this handy skill though

Corpse Link; so far, not her fondest skill to do, but it also is very handy for finding out information about her enemies..which includes Spectral Voice, Spectral Senses and Skeletal Servant...*grins*...hence her fondness of helps with the odor after her visits to an undead..

She has also been learning how to bring up the dead from pure ashes..that skill has not yet been perfected...with humans...

Her Psionicists Skills include:

Telepathy; ability to conceal thoughts, empathy, send thoughts, mind and sound link. She speaks to her closest friends this way, usually when she is off wandering, or doing a Corpse Link..

Psychometabolism; which gives her heightened senses, she is able and usually can tell if a 'newcomer' to the group is on the level, or part of Amberdrakke's Minions...or perhaps...Amberdrakke himself...*narrows her eyes*

Clairentience; a very handy skill which helps her with her tracking abilities, the ability to know locations...rarely gets lost...*Looks at K'sheyna* "Do not say a word" ...*grins*

Ema is constantly learning..she has more abilities that were handed down to her upon her Mother's death...she is forever surprised and slightly in awe at what she can do...but forever proud that she can help her..Companions...

I would like to personally Thank ShadoeWolfe for the great art work he has allowed me to use as a background for this may see more of his work atBrian Lumley's Web Page!

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