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A Little About Us....

In Memory of Casey...With us from December 25, 1989 to August 30, 1999...

Hello All! Well, this is our next installment of Casey & Zeus's Page! We hope you like the new changes! This is our attempt to join the ranks of the computer world! Let us introduce ourselves... I, Casey, am a extrememly loveable chubby (well, more is better, eh?) Applehead Chihuahua. Even though I am no longer here with Kathy & Zeus in body, I am still here in spirit! This was our page and will stay that way. I'm happy that it is too!

Zeus is a 5 year old "Tuxedo" cat (who thinks he's THE ONE!) Ha! That's what he thinks! I ruled this household and the Human who pays the bills (but I suppose I should relenquish the throne to Zeus...he does seem worthy), that would be Kathy, a 30 (too late to turn back now)-something who likes to play on the computer, read books, cook, chat with her new Sci-Fi friends and is going through a fanatic stage with those 'origami' cranes! They're all over the place! Wish she would find something new to discover! The silly cat likes them though. Steals all that he can get away with! Cats! She also like to crochet, enjoys her cryptograms and watch an occasional movie or two. She absolutely loves anything that has to do with virology, paleontology, astronomy & virtual traveling (which because of funds is the only way to go!).

There is also a new member of the family...Pandora..A loveable and very well versed in the ownership of humans cat...Below is a photo of those crazy cats discussing plans of attack on the slave...which they ultimately did after this photo was taken...

Now Pandora adds just the right ingredient to this crazy family...she is the Slave's Personal Alarm Clock...of course it is always set at 3AM...but who wants to fix something like that? Certainly not Us! I see that she has taken over my job very well at keeping the Slave entertained and getting the squirt bottle out for this or that plant...poor banana tree...kinda looks like the Leaning Tower of Pisa now.

Our slave would love to be able to travel, see countries like, Australia, Ireland, Scotland (ahhh, she does love kilts!), Egypt, Italy and Greece...doesn't want to go many places, eh? :-) Through the Internet, she has been able to visit many places, go through many museums and sight-see with help from the many web pages she has visited, with great Thanks to all who add "Sight-Seeing Tours" on their pages! Keep 'em comming!

She has recently joined a great group...The Society for Creative Anachronism, you can view her page from the Sci-Fi Site. She has always had a fondness for Medieval & Renaissance events, having had gone to a few Faire's in her life. She looks forward to doing her part in helpiing to re-create Medieval & Renaissance times!

We are still 'newbies' when it comes to computers, trying to catch up a little to the rest of the family (who have great pages, check out the links...), and enjoys wandering around this big world called the web! I want to personally Thank some people for their help with this page, Draac's GIFs for the wonderful graphics on this site and also to Moyra for the beautiful 'jewels' on our Sci-Fi page! Also to a very nice Gentleman named Bob (You know who you are!) for all of his help and with putting up with a pest like me!, Dan for trying to help me with putting the transactions on my page, which couldn't be done...darn! :-) And last but definitely not least, a special thanks to my friend Squeaky for giving me pointers and great :-) advice! Squeaky, now can I get my award? :-) I'll take cash too!

Now, on the next installment of our site after clicking on the link, you will find a few of Kathy's favorite places to visit she is constantly changing things (hopefully will have a much more improved links site soon!), and we also have a page just for Sci-Fi links & stuff, take a look if you have a mind to! Take a look and see what we've got so far! You won't be sorry! While you are at it, please sign our guestbook, we have two of them since one or the other always seems to be down! We love to have visitors and we do come and visit everybody who comes to see us! If you would like for us to put you on as a link, please let us know when you sign or send me an e-mail with the code, I will send the code of my banner back to you, we like to let others be involved in our "Quest" for the meaning of the Web!

Have a great day and remember.....very important......HAVE YOU HUGGED YOUR PETS TODAY? :-)

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