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Please! I invite you to visit my favorite places to go...Enjoy!

A very big Thank You to ShadoeWolfe for allowing me to use his work as a background on this page! Look at the Brian Lumley link to see more of his work! *Smiles*

My Family's Sites!

My Society for Creative Anachronism Page: Please Come And Take A Visit!

Great Organizations!

Range Respite Project: A wonderful non-profit!
America's Promise: Volunteering! Good for the Kid's and good for the Soul!
Humane Society of the U.S.:Animals need our help too!
The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty ot Animals: Please lend a voice to the animals of the world!
International Wolf Center: Please help to protect the Wolf!
A-4 Skyhawk Association: Dad's Former plane in the Navy!
Greatest Places!: Take a virtual vacation, courtesy of The Cave Team!
My Town: My town's web site!
Lake Vermilion: The Lake of the red Sunsets!


My Fun Sites!

Home of the Squeaky Chair: My friend from the UK; short stories, photos and more!
Dan's Fun Stuff!: Check out this page! Look through the rest of his site too!
Mad Sci Network!: Yahaha! Come and enter my Laboratory! Fun Stuff for Kids & Adults!
Dinosauria.Com's Links!: Alot of neat Dinosaur links & Stuff!

My favorite things!

Andrea Bocelli: Ohh, what a wonderful voice!
Minnesota Public Radio: My favorite music station!
Natural Museum of History: A Fantastic place to visit!
American Musuem of Natural History: Another Great Musuem!
U.S.Berkeley Museum of Paleontology Exhibits: Dinosaurs!
Field Museum of Natural History: Another one of my favorite Museums!
American Symphony Orchestra League: Symphony Site and Resources!
ArtsWire: Cultural Resources; we need more of it!
National Geographic Site: Need I say more?
Public Broadcasting Station Site: Great info on PBS!
The Nine Planets: Lots of Info on our Planets!
Tornado Tracker!: Tornado photos, info & Links!
UM Weather: As The Tornado Project says,'The Mother of All' Weather Sites!
American Movie Classics: I love a good movie!
Classics From The Silver Screen: A Great Place to find a title of a piece you've heard in a movie!

Very interesting sites! Love that space stuff!

NASA site: Neat stuff!
S.E.T.I. Site:Help S.E.T.I. find things!
ProMed site: Interesting stuff if you like medicine, etc.!
All The Virology on the WWW!: A Terrific Web Site!
American Federation of Scientists: A great site with great links!
Site on Deadly Viruses: Very interesting web page, with info from the CDC and others
Human Biology: From John Ross; a very informative site on Biology!
Space/Education: Outer Space....Cool!
Smithsonian Institute: The Smithsonian Museum
The Discovery Site: All about the Discovery Channel
CMPNet Technology Network: Computer Resources
Squeaky's Java Script crib page!: Very helpful info! Check it out!

Where I work!

Snow Glow, Inc: Neon accessories for snowmobiles, etc.
Virginia Public Library: My library with a few cool links

More nice sites to visit!

Official Brian Lumley Site: The Author of one of my favorite series..Necroscope!
PyBob's Site: A Great Site To Visit! Lots of Great Book Reviews!
Arrowhead Tobacco & Coffee: A great coffee shop!
Maria Callas:Opera, the best voice there is!
Official Star Wars Site!: Info on all Star Wars stuff, George Lucas & More!

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Thanks to Draac's Classical Midi's for this music! Please take a visit to this page!
Draac's Free Gif's 1-2-3: A fantastic place to get Graphics, Midi's, HTML help, etc.


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